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Here you can play 40 Free action games online.

In the Action Games category you will find online games with shooting, battles, tanks and submarines. Games with flying military planes. Get into a fight and punish the bad guys. If you like fast-paced action games this is the right place for you. Get ready and get going!

Destruction - The Last Fight-Action Game Destruction - The Last Fight
871 hits
The enemy is attacking the city gates. You need to put all your efforts to push
Storm Boat-Action Game Storm Boat
839 hits
This game is set during the Vietnam War in the Mekong river delta. You are an of
Desert Fire-Action Game Desert Fire
1251 hits
You are a helicopter pilot on a special mission. You have to destroy the terrori
Orion’s sword-Action Game Orion’s sword
1122 hits
You are the captain of a spaceship. Fight the alien invaders and collect bonus p
Cowboy school-Action Game Cowboy school
1190 hits
You find yourself in the Wild West and you have to learn how to shoot a gun. Try
Rescue mission-Action Game Rescue mission
1085 hits
Your mission is to free everyone taken hostage by the terrorists. Shoot at the e
Star Wings-Action Game Star Wings
997 hits
Aliens have attacked our galaxy and only a crazy space gunslinger can save it. H
Zenon Megablast-Action Game Zenon Megablast
1016 hits
Space wanderers are invading our galaxy. You have to fight them and defend your
Zombie attack-Action Game Zombie attack
1015 hits
The zombies are attacking. Shoot at them and destroy them. After each completed
Shoot the fly-Action Game Shoot the fly
1068 hits
Grab your gun and shoot those insolent flies which are flying around. Shoot prec
Paw Paw Miaw-Action Game Paw Paw Miaw
1107 hits
In this funny game you get to choose a fighting tomcat and win the fight. You ca
Cowboys saloon shootout-Action Game Cowboys saloon shootout
1066 hits
A gang has started trouble at the local saloon. You are the sheriff and your job
Drunken shooting-Action Game Drunken shooting
1371 hits
What it would be like shooting cans after you have drunk a few glasses of whiske
Ninja Showdown-Action Game Ninja Showdown
1183 hits
Choose your ninja and fight with your opponents. Try not to get killed in the pr
Wild West-Action Game Wild West
1279 hits
Do you want to bring peace to this small town? Drive away the bandits. Use your
Panic-Action Game Panic
994 hits
Collect all the bombs before the time is up in this in this extremely dynamic ga
A dangerous parcel-Action Game A dangerous parcel
953 hits
The bomb has been activated. Solve the puzzles to disarm it. Be careful, it’s da
Dragon’s Journey-Action Game Dragon’s Journey
1139 hits
The eggs of this good dragon have been stolen by an evil bird. Help the dragon c
Underwater Fight-Action Game Underwater Fight
1061 hits
Take part in this underwater battle. Your goal is to sink the ships passing by.
Nails-Action Game Nails
1319 hits
Hammer as much nails as possible before the time runs out. Be careful not to sma
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