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Sports games

Here you can play 19 free Sports games online.

In the Sports games category you will find games simulating popular sport activities. Some of them follow strictly the rules of the sport. Others are similar or completely different, introducing new rules or environment of play. Try various sports. Have fun playing football, snooker, tennis or skiing, swimming and many more. The latest additions appear first in the category list.

Quick shooting pool-Sports games Quick shooting pool
1079 hits
Aim at the ball, define the direction and pull the line with the mouse to the di
A quick game of snooker-Sports games A quick game of snooker
1104 hits
Do you like playing snooker? If the answer is yes, then this game is for you. Fi
Coco’s Penalty Shoot-out-Sports games Coco’s Penalty Shoot-out
853 hits
Follow the red arrow so that you can shoot from the penalty area. Click on the y
Champions: Euro 2008-Sports games Champions: Euro 2008
824 hits
Four groups: Sixteen teams. Choose your favourite team and take it to the final
Play 2 Win-Sports games Play 2 Win
1069 hits
Score as many goals as you can in 3 minutes! You are using the mouse to play.
Skateboard - street race-Sports games Skateboard - street race
3209 hits
This is an exciting but dangerous urban competition. Get on your skateboard and
High Dive Hero-Sports games High Dive Hero
1708 hits
Dive from the boards, placed on 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters, get points fo
Ski Downhill-Sports games Ski Downhill
986 hits
Winter is coming. It’s time for skiing. Take part in the slalom. Navigate betwee
Grand slam tournament-Sports games Grand slam tournament
1185 hits
The Grand Slam tournament is on its way and this time around you made it as a se
Table Tennis-Sports games Table Tennis
1271 hits
Are you good at table tennis? Get some practice with this online game and test y
Tennis Club-Sports games Tennis Club
1000 hits
Do you play tennis? It’s fun. Click on the ball flying towards you, defeat the g
Bowling-Sports games Bowling
1872 hits
Do you need to relax for a few minutes? Then call a friend and have a quick game
Soccer - a free kick-Sports games Soccer - a free kick
1166 hits
Show everyone what an amazing footballer you are and how you can score an impres
Skate Mania-Sports games Skate Mania
1549 hits
Try this special track. Get through all obstacles and gain the maximum number of
Bullseye Darts-Sports games Bullseye Darts
1444 hits
Test your skill at darts. This is a classic version of the game. Your opponent i
Jet Boat-Sports games Jet Boat
1119 hits
Take part in a race with super fast jet boats. Win the contest and climb to the
Baseball team-Sports games Baseball team
1764 hits
Manage your own baseball team. Start the game at the easiest level and have fun
Football Volley-Sports games Football Volley
1499 hits
Do you like football? This game is the perfect chance for you to practice penalt
Soccer-Sports games Soccer
1170 hits
Aim carefully, kick the ball and score. Watch out not to lose the ball to a fast
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