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In the Coloring category you will find a collection of picture coloring games. Choose the colors you like and combine them to paint your favorite cartoon or fairytale characters. Perfect for younger children but also fun for adults.

Color My Wedding Cake-Coloring games Color My Wedding Cake
178 hits
It’s your best friend’s wedding. Color the most beautiful wedding cake for the h
Easter Bunny Coloring-Coloring games Easter Bunny Coloring
212 hits
What are the most popular Easter things? The Easter bunny and the cute little ch
Rango Coloring Game-Coloring games Rango Coloring Game
279 hits
Express your artistic skills. This game is based on the animated film Rango, in
Pom Pom Cheerleader Coloring-Coloring games Pom Pom Cheerleader Coloring
427 hits
Pom Pom is a cheerleader. Color her in the most beautiful flowers. Use different
Colour the jungle-Coloring games Colour the jungle
1801 hits
You are in the jungle surrounded by monkeys, lions, and parrots. Use the crayons
Colour Hannah Montana-Coloring games Colour Hannah Montana
1273 hits
Color Hannah Montana and her friends. Experiment with the colors – now you can m
Colour the bugs-Coloring games Colour the bugs
1678 hits
Have fun some fun and color these cute little bugs in colors of your choice.
Garden Girl Painting-Coloring games Garden Girl Painting
1358 hits
In this game you have to color the litter in the garden. Choose colors for her c
Color the Dalmatians-Coloring games Color the Dalmatians
1298 hits
Two little puppies have found your favourite paints. Try to re-create the mess t
Color the rooster-Coloring games Color the rooster
1439 hits
You can colour the sketch of the rooster. Use the rich palette of colours and ma
Christmas Coloring-Coloring games Christmas Coloring
1611 hits
Here is a great Christmas themed coloring game. Use the brush and make the holid
Jonas Brothers Coloring-Coloring games Jonas Brothers Coloring
1385 hits
Colour you favourite musicians Jonas Brothers. Have fun with this colouring game
Colour the Tulips-Coloring games Colour the Tulips
2149 hits
Spring is coming and the tulips deserve to sparkle in bright colors. Help them w
Moon Fairy Coloring-Coloring games Moon Fairy Coloring
1343 hits
Play this colourful game. Colour the fairy, the moon and the stars around it, us
Aquarium-Coloring games Aquarium
1460 hits
Make your own underwater world by coloring this aquarium. Use the brush and the
H2O Coloring-Coloring games H2O Coloring
2033 hits
The three mermaids, Emma, Cleo, and Ricky, live in the debts of the ocean. Color
Bear Family-Coloring games Bear Family
1594 hits
This sweet bear family lives in the forest. Use the brush and paints and fill th
Color Barney Rubble-Coloring games Color Barney Rubble
1474 hits
Here is another character from The Flintstones. Have fun coloring the cartoon Ba
Color Betty-Coloring games Color Betty
1306 hits
Do you remember the characters from the popular cartoon the Flintstones? Here is
Color the girl-Coloring games Color the girl
1432 hits
Choose a color with the paintbrush and click in an outlined area to apply it. Ch
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