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Here you can play 36 free cooking games

Do you like cooking? And do you like eating? Then these games are just for you! In the Cooking Games category you will find games for preparing popular meals - some recipes are exactly as in a cookbook and others are just for fun, but you are bound to like both kind. The category also features games for serving food, cake decoration preparing cocktails, baking. By playing these game at least there is no risk of messing up the kitchen and burning the dinner.

Spaghetti Carbonara-Cooking Games Spaghetti Carbonara
41 hits
Carbonara pasta is a popular dish in Italy and everywhere else. Boil the pan, ad
Lounge Cocktail Bar-Cooking Games Lounge Cocktail Bar
95 hits
You work as a bartender in a cocktail bar and your task is to make tasty and var
Fishy Feast-Cooking Games Fishy Feast
228 hits
Prepare for a delicious meal of seafood. Choose from a few different kinds of fi
Cool Feas-Cooking Games Cool Feas
265 hits
Try to decorate the most delicious ice-cream, a great cocktail of juicy fruit an
Steak Fajitas-Cooking Games Steak Fajitas
363 hits
It’s dinnertime. Go to the kitchen and cook a delicious stake fajitas for your l
Pastry Cook-Cooking Games Pastry Cook
380 hits
The pastry cook job might seem easy. Actually it’s very demanding and you will h
Perfect Chicken-Cooking Games Perfect Chicken
419 hits
Matt has invited his friends to visit him and he needs to prepare a delicious ch
Cook Cupcake and Candy-Cooking Games Cook Cupcake and Candy
322 hits
Every child loves eating cupcakes and candies. In this game you will learn how t
Incredible Cooking-Cooking Games Incredible Cooking
360 hits
Sisi and Toto spend the afternoon in the kitchen, trying to learn how to cook. Y
Cooking Academy-Cooking Games Cooking Academy
1240 hits
You are a student at a prestigious cooking school. You can learn how to make del
Burger mania-Cooking Games Burger mania
1385 hits
You are working in a burger restaurant. Prepare quickly and carefully the burger
Gold Medal Cook-Cooking Games Gold Medal Cook
1224 hits
Matthew has got a golden medal for cooking. He really has great cooking skills.
Cooking Show – Lasagna-Cooking Games Cooking Show – Lasagna
1304 hits
Our chef from the Cooking Show comes back with new recipes. Now he will teach yo
Cooking Show - Chicken Fried Rice-Cooking Games Cooking Show - Chicken Fried Rice
1201 hits
A new cooking show, a new recipe and a new lesson just as it is in the other gam
French Bread Pizza-Cooking Games French Bread Pizza
1382 hits
Learn how to make French Bread Pizza following the instructions in a real French
Happy Pancake-Cooking Games Happy Pancake
988 hits
When playing this game you can make the most delicious pancakes and decorate the
Cake Master-Cooking Games Cake Master
1526 hits
You are a cake master and have your own bakery. Bake and decorate delicious cake
Kitchen Queens-Cooking Games Kitchen Queens
1155 hits
Help these girls bake and decorate the cake for their friend’s birthday. You nee
Christmas Biscuits-Cooking Games Christmas Biscuits
1268 hits
Today Sara is going to teach you how to prepare yummy and delicious Christmas co
Cookie Maker-Cooking Games Cookie Maker
1186 hits
This girl works at a cookie factory. Help her make the best cookies. She will sh
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