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Here you can play 112 free Hidden object games

If you like mysteries, detective stories or testing your observation skills we recommend the Hidden Object games category. In these games you have to find objects hidden in old castles, abandoned houses, to spot differences between pictures, search for treasures on the seafloor or find your way out of a locked room.

Master Thief - Skyscraper Sting-hidden object games Master Thief - Skyscraper Sting
28 hits
The criminal Samuel Hotorn is about to escape from justice but a woman from his
The heritage-hidden object games The heritage
1571 hits
1A few days ago you received a letter in which the lawyer informed you that your
An Abandoned Bunker-hidden object games An Abandoned Bunker
797 hits
An Abandoned Bunker Salvation George is mystic hidden game by sogood. Hello, my
 Strange Library: Book of Predictions-hidden object games Strange Library: Book of Predictions
654 hits
Strange Library is online missing items game by Squigly's. Have you ever th
Membata Island-hidden object games Membata Island
727 hits
Membata Island is mystery skill game by HIDDEN4FUN. They accommodate in a luxury
Tropical Spa Center-hidden object games Tropical Spa Center
882 hits
Tropical Spa Center is new hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. You could also enjo
Aladdin Palace-hidden object games Aladdin Palace
909 hits
Aladdin Mystery Palace is online hidden object game by Hidden247. Explore this w
Arabella Gems 4-hidden object games Arabella Gems 4
738 hits
We are with Arabella again for this new game. Find the objects hidden in the bat
Snow White-hidden object games Snow White
396 hits
Do you remember the story of Snow White? In this based on that fairytale game yo
Christmas Village-hidden object games Christmas Village
1158 hits
This small village is getting ready for Christmas. Find the fragments shown in t
Merry Christmas Tree-hidden object games Merry Christmas Tree
864 hits
Do you like decorating the Christmas tree? Find all the decorations hidden in it
Santa’s House-hidden object games Santa’s House
947 hits
Find all the objects hidden in Santa’s house.
Arabella Gems 3-hidden object games Arabella Gems 3
749 hits
Game with masterful graphics with relaxing music. There are four levels. Find th
Arabella Gems 2-hidden object games Arabella Gems 2
1523 hits
Hidden object game. Find hidden items in the kitchen, in the park, in the office
The Temples of Nyrabi-hidden object games The Temples of Nyrabi
1704 hits
The Temples of Nyrabi is free hidden object game by hidden4fun. This time the th
Overseas Adventure-hidden object games Overseas Adventure
1644 hits
Overseas Adventure is online hidden object game by hidden4fun. The odyssey is in
Sabina Jewelry 2-hidden object games Sabina Jewelry 2
989 hits
We meet Sabina once again and we have 4 interesting levels to complete. A lumber
Sabina Jewelry-hidden object games Sabina Jewelry
1006 hits
This is a free online escape game. You can choose between a bathroom, a classroo
Visit to Owl Street-hidden object games Visit to Owl Street
1926 hits
Visit to Owl Street is free hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Lisa is a middle
Times Square by Night-hidden object games Times Square by Night
1976 hits
Times square is one of the most popular places in the world. At night it shines
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